Mindfulbar will offer a unique bar concept in Montreal with a commitment to promote non-alcoholic entertainment and support social awareness.

Why you should visit MindfulBar 

We all have moments in our lives where we want to spend time with ourselves. Basking on our solitude is a good idea to reflect on a lot of things. Whether it’s sorting out your thoughts or simply a quiet time for yourself, you can experience it here in MindfulBar. 

Providing you with non-alcoholic drinks and great entertainment, you can feel safe spending your time here. Moreover, we are an inclusive community that promotes social awareness that can broaden your perspective about the world. 

Here are the reasons why MindfulBar is worth the visit:  

  • You can have fun while sober. 

Many people often have this notion that you need to get drunk to have fun. At MindfulBar, we want to show you that you can still have a good time without booze. We only offer non-alcoholic beverages so you can stay sober and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere without having to worry about getting a hangover the next day. 

  • You can meet new people. 

Meeting different people can improve your social skills. You can create new friendships and interact with strangers without having to be concerned about your safety. MindfulBar is an inclusive space that allows you to meet interesting people, coming from diverse backgrounds and different cultures. 

It can broaden your perspective about the world and enlighten you that there is more to life than you thought. Sometimes, unexpected encounters can push you outside of your comfort zone. You might even find longtime friends through a simple visit to our bar. 

  • You can be socially aware. 

Social awareness is the ability to understand the people around you and empathize with them. Here in MindfulBar, we support the significance of being conscious of your surroundings. It’s important to improve on this skill because it helps you better grasp your community and the world. 

Moreover, it is a fundamental aspect of creating friendships and relationships around us. Learning how to communicate and collaborate with different people can make you feel more connected and fulfilled in life. 

How you can improve your social awareness in MindfulBar

MindfulBar is committed to helping you become more socially aware. Aside from visiting us so you can encounter new people, here are some tips that can improve your ability to be conscious of your surroundings: 

  • Be a good listener who tries to understand where the person is coming from, and why they are feeling that certain way. 
  • You can repeat what was shared with you so you can show that you were being attentive the whole time. 
  • Pay attention to the tone of the voice of the person you are talking to so you can grasp the state of their emotions. 
  • Look at their facial expressions and body language because these are important nonverbal cues that can give you a better understanding of how they are feeling.