5 alternative activities to drinking alcohol

Alcohol can sometimes be some people’s way to cope with stress. Though there are various complex factors involved in drinking alcohol, coping with stress in a healthy way will help a lot with regard to the health of both your mind and body. Through the activities featured in this article, we get to ourselves and we get to know others.

Instead of turning to alcohol whenever you want to seek recreational activities, remember that there are healthier options out there. For instance, you can still experience the great ambiance of sociability in bars without risking yourself to be near alcohol in MindfulBar.


For many centuries now, meditation has always been practiced as a method of relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation has a variety of health effects. It was proven that it helps reduce blood pressure, alleviate pain, and bring meditators to a state of relaxation.

The reason why mediation is incorporated in treatment programs for addiction is that it encourages a person to focus their attention inward. This helps them feel calm and develop greater self-awareness. 


Exercise has always been known as an excellent coping mechanism for people who are looking for ways to effectively deal with stressors in their lives. 

There are countless ways to work out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s running, dancing, or weight lifting. You will feel great as soon as you see and reap the benefits of working out. Your confidence is bound to grow with exercise. You will have a big opportunity to develop a positive body image and thus have an improved outlook on life.

New hobbies

There are limitless possibilities of talent that you can hone by figuring out what you like to do best. Whether you simply want to read a book or make music, finding a hobby that you truly love will help you de-stress and focus on the goals you want to achieve.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal allows you to recollect memories and go back to them whenever you want to. Through a journal, you will be able to speak to yourself and contemplate about you and your life more. Whenever you feel weak, you can go back to the moments when you were strong and be reminded of that feeling.

Time with family and friends

It is wise to replace the time you have spent drinking alcohol with more time with your loved ones. Spending time with people who matter to you is sometimes overlooked. It is amazing how a support system can help you navigate through the challenges in life.

Instead of drinking, you can spend your time with people who can easily improve your mood. For instance, friends and families (even with kids) all go to MindfulBar, which integrates the ambiance bars while selling only non-alcoholic drinks.