7 types of women you can meet at a bar

Mindful Bar: 7 types of women you can meet at a bar

When it comes to meeting women at a bar, there is always the chance that you might find a rare catch and end up meeting the girl of your dreams. However, let us be realistic and face the fact that not all the women you meet at the bar are girlfriend material. 

Here at Mindful Bar, we have already come across many types of women and we have narrowed them down to seven. Check those girls out below:

  1. The alcoholic

Though not everyone at the bar is a regular drinker, you can usually spot the rookie from the veteran. The rookie sips the girly drinks while the veteran usually takes shots or gulps beers like one of the guys. She is loud, flirty and upfront.

  1. The desperate

The desperate is a frequent customer at the bar. Either she is looking for love or is just hungry for attention. Whatever her motive is, she is looking for a man and will desperately pursue this in any way possible. Be careful though since she will go to great lengths to avoid being rejected.

  1. The phone maniac

The phone maniac has her head tilted down, glaring hard on her cell phone and avoiding all possible contact with other human beings. Like what Paris Hilton famously said, she pretends to be on her phone whenever she is out in public so people would not bother her.

  1. The cougar

The cougar is not looking for a sugar daddy, she wants a young guy to prove that she still got it. If she buys you a drink, you can be sure that you are on her radar.

  1. The sugar baby

The sugar baby is a younger woman usually under 40 years old. She is looking for a rich sugar daddy and won’t even glance at you twice if you are under the age of 30. Business suits and fat wallets are her targets so save yourself the rejection if you do not drive a luxury car or do not have any bling on your outfit.

  1. The wild girl

The wild girl is not usually looking for love since she is all about lust. She is the type to come to your place and spend the night and be gone by sunrise without leaving a note or a phone number.

  1. The player

The player will lead you to believe that you are getting somewhere so that you will buy her drinks, cigars, appetizers, basically anything she wants. When the night is nearing its end and you think you got the chance to hook up with her, she will stand up politely and say she has to go. In short, she played you and you fell for it.