MindfulBar: Top rainbow cocktails to try

Tired after a long day at work? Why don’t you go out with your friends and enjoy a funky night out at the bar! There’s nothing like a good glass of your favourite booze to keep you and your buddies in high spirits after a tiring day.                                              

Make your trip to the bar extra colourful with these rainbow fusion cocktails and feel your world grow vibrant! Here at MindfulBar, you will discover the brightest cocktail mixes that are as tasty as they look. 

Let loose and enjoy the night with a fun drink in hand. It’s time to make your night out with friends better by trying out something new in our rainbow fusion collection!   

If you love Instagram worthy drinks, then these cocktails are perfect for you! It doesn’t just look good on the picture, it also tastes amazing. Be sure to order these colourful mixes on your next visit to the bar:

  • Top 1: Rainbow sangria

We all know what sangria drinks are but few know it can be this colourful! Be part of the lucky ones and try out this Rainbow sangria drink filled with the freshest selection of fruits. Everything about this drink is perfect. The vibrant fruit cuts paired with the dry wine is simply amazing! 

  • Top 2: Ombre grapefruit cocktail

This drink has all the bewitching beauty of the sunset in one delicious cup. The colours start with a vibrant orange fading to a deep pink hue. In addition to that, the rim of the glass has pink sugar!

  • Top 3: Rainbow paradise cocktail 

Are you having a hard time picking your colour? This rainbow paradise cocktail mix has it all in one delightfully layered drink! Rainbow paradise is a heaven of flavours made grenadine, coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, and orange slices.

  • Top 4: Rainbow sherbet jello shots

If you’ve never heard of booze bombs then you’re definitely going to love this rainbow sherbet jello shots! This colourful jello is the perfect shot for a summertime outing. Plus, you can munch on it if drinks don’t do the trick. 

  • Top 5: Sparkle magic shots

This cocktail has seven layers of colour! This shot is made with spiked coconut rum, creamy coconut milk, blueberry, and grape shots that taste as magical as it looks.

  • Top 6: Flirtini cocktail

This cocktail is a simple combination of vodka, Cointreau, and pineapple juice. It is topped with a light layer of champagne and garnished with a delicious cherry on the side. Flirtini is the kind of cocktail that will have you blushing! 

  • Top 7: Rainbow breeze 

Feel the soft brush of the breeze with this colourful cocktail mix! This delicious drink is made with banana rum, pineapple vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice, and blueberry tonic. Rainbow breeze is the perfect drink to wash your worries away!