Differents events in MindfulBar

MindfulBar is more than just any other drinking establishment. Not only do we want you to have a good time but we also open our doors to diverse individuals coming from different backgrounds. We want to give a safe space for people of different backgrounds who simply want to relax and meet with others. 

Aside from our great menu items, we also have interesting events prepared for you. Participate in the different programs and have the best night of your lives here in MindfulBar. Know more about our variety of themes by reading the information below. 

Open Mic Night

Every weekend, MindfulBar sets up a makeshift stage facing a crowd. A mic is placed on top of it which is open for anyone interested. It’s the best chance for you to show your different talents in front of several people. There are many things that you can do such as: 

  • You can sing an original song that you composed to get feedback from other people. 
  • You can do covers of famous tunes to entertain your crowd. 
  • Playing a musical instrument whether a piano or a guitar can show your prowess that might catch the eye of possible producers. 
  • Presenting a spoken word poetry piece is a great way to express yourself. 
  • A comedic skit can lighten the mood and make your audience laugh their hearts out. 
  • If you have a group of friends with you, creating an impromptu band is an interesting experience. 

Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and gain confidence in the skills that you have. Open Mic Nights are the perfect opportunities to encourage new talents so don’t miss your chance to join us! 


Another event that we have in store for you is our dance-off segment. On the wide dance floor, you can move your body to the beat of the music without holding back. We have different themes each time so make sure you stay tuned to the latest updates. 

You can even dress up for the occasion with your newfound friends. Here are some examples of possible performances: 

  • 1980s theme
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Disney
  • Jazz music
  • Icons of music
  • Rock punk theme
  • Disco themed 

Joining a dance-off against different people can foster friendly competition which can spark your competitive spirit. It can challenge you to simply enjoy the moment and not think about anything else. Moreover, you can meet new people through this. 

Theme Nights 

Aside from singing and dancing, we also have theme nights that focus on the beauty of literature. This has two parts which are the following: 

  • Costume parties

One of the events under our theme nights is a costume party. This only happens once a month where there is a certain concept where customers are encouraged to wear suitable attire that is connected with the mentioned motif. 

The topics can range from medieval times to modern Halloween inspired. It varies from given suggestions or the plans of our events team. Look forward to it each time and enjoy putting your best outfit on! 

  • Professional performances 

To show our love for poetry, art and literature, we host different performances of many professionals who wish to showcase their talents. Although we would employ people for this job, this is still open for anyone interested who wants to display their talents. You can expect to see short plays, storytelling segments and more. 

Charity Fundraisers 

Since MindfulBar is centred around promoting social awareness, we support different causes that can help many people. This is why we have charity fundraisers every other week so we can tap our customers to lend a helping hand to those in need. Many non-profit organizations are with us so we can create a suitable program. 

Some of our activities are the following: 

  • Eating contest 
  • Drinking contest (non-alcoholic beverages only)
  • Donation drive 
  • Used clothes drive
  • Bartending contest 

We love to reach out to many groups of people such as those who are in low-income families, orphanages and more so that our social responsibility is fulfilled as well. Also, it leaves a great feeling afterwards when you know that you cooperated for a good cause. 

Singles Night 

An interesting event that we have in line for you is singles night. Most bar-goers are patrons that are looking forward to meeting different people. 

Since we want to provide you with a safe space, we host a singles night which has many games that are interesting yet comfortable for you. We do not condone any rude behaviour because we want everyone to have a good time conversing and a chance to encounter their possible significant other. 

Here are some examples of the games that we have prepared for you: 

  • The Lock and Key Matching Game

Each individual is given either a lock or key and they are tasked to find their matching pair. There is an indicator in your lock and key which is a number and a colour so you can better identify who you are supposed to pair with. 

After finding each other, you have the time to talk for the entire night. An important tip to keep in mind is to simply be yourself. Do not force yourself to please the other person and just be honest while leaving a good impression on them. 

Whether your personalities match or not, what matters is that you had a comfortable conversation. If you have any possible suggestions or concerns, you can approach any of our staff members. 

  • 5-minutes Buzzer-Beater Game

Another fun game that we prepared is the 5-minute buzzer-beater. It’s an activity where you can talk to someone of the opposite sex with a time limit of 5 minutes. You are challenged to come up with unique ways to leave an impression on your partner. 

What’s great about this is that you can meet many people in the span of a few minutes so your time is used wisely. 

Friends Night

Rather than having a typical couples night, we want to foster new friendships instead. Here, you are given the opportunity to talk to different people. What happens during this event is that we assign a table for you where you are grouped with strangers. 

This is an optional activity for those who are simply interested. We also have different games that each table can enjoy so that a bond can be formed during the process. We have staff members who are ready to assist you at any time if you have any possible concerns. 

To ensure that you can feel safe, MindfulBar creates activities that do not discriminate against any individual and gives them the chance to interact with others. However, you are only encouraged to do this but if you find it too uncomfortable to be with other people then we won’t force you to do so. 

Sports League

Another event that can liven up the night is our sports league. Enjoy your round of drinks while doing a series of fun activities. Here are some of the games that you can try out: 

  • Dartboards
  • Pinball machine
  • Pool tables 
  • Table tennis

You can have fun with your friends or you can join in on different groups so your social skills are enhanced. Rather than simply focusing on winning, you should relish the present moment and have the best time of your life.  

Sports viewing

Watching a local or national game with other people is a great and invigorating experience. MindfulBar has a sports viewing event where you can feel like being in the actual stadium as you hear the loud cheers in the background. 

Although this is only done occasionally, it is a great chance for you to show your support for the different sports teams here in Canada. Being able to shout and cheer in excitement or voice out your thoughts while surrounded by different people is a stimulating moment. 

You can meet people who are also fans of the same team so it’s a great conversation starter. However, you shouldn’t forget to still act courteously without causing a ruckus that could harm others. This is an important rule that MindfulBar follows so we can ensure your safety without compromising your fun. 

Live Band

Get to know different local music bands and dive into the unique genres by enjoying our Friday Live Band spectacle. We have many performances in store such as jazz music, acoustic songs, rock bands, and more. 

It’s a different kind of experience to see the musical acts in front of you, as compared to simply listening to a pre-recorded version. You can appreciate their skills more if you hear them live. 

Additionally, it’s a more personal feeling to be closer to them. Who knows, you might just be their next biggest fan. If you want the latest information on the bands that will play on designated days, you can visit our website for updates.