the Project
Mindfulbar is a project created by Isabel Tames and Diego Bayancela, a Latin American couple from Mexico and Ecuador. They met in Montreal a few years ago and formed a family.
Mindfulbar’s project was born out of a personal need. Two years ago, Isabel decided to stop drinking and during her journey towards sobriety, she realized that there were no fun alternatives in Montreal at night for people like her. She also met other people who did not drink for spiritual, health or simply because they did not like alcohol.
In a discussion with Diego after an evening failed by the lack of options, Isabel had the idea of an establishment where the focus would be on evening fun away from alcohol.
This is how they began the adventure and the creation of a unique concept in Montreal and Canada of a non-alcoholic bar. It took almost two years to complete this huge project and finally on July 18, 2019 Mindfulbar opened its doors to the public on St Denis Street.